Taking The Best & Making It Better

We aim to bring a little magic into the everyday by giving our diners exceptional experiences.

Max Luciano Owner & Operator

Max has been a Liverpool local since his childhood & has seen it grow from what it was to what it is now & the positive change, he says is amazing to be a part of. At the age of 23, Max started his journey as an operator & established “The Spot Chocolate Bar” in 2012, which gave him a greater understanding of the demographics & helped him expand to another venue in 2017 called “The Shisha Spot”.

Max has a vision to place these new venues in a class of its own which will provide Liverpool the reputation of having good food that it always deserved. Max has devoted a lot of attention into its detailed construction & execution which is evident in the spaces he has created both at “Ground Floor Cafe/Restaurant” & “The Spot Bar & Grill”.

Together with Executive Chef Cherag Baria, Max has tried to take the food to a new level with emphasis on creating a venue that becomes a hub for families dining out, private functions, engagement parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, young diners wanting to experience quality food & beverages without travelling to the city or food enthusiasts wanting quality dining experience.

Come say hello to Max at Ground Floor Cafe/Restaurant to share his passion for amazing coffee & great food in a meticulously finished modern space tucked away behind the School of Arts in the heart of Liverpool.